Forensic Video & Audio Examiner

Job Description

Dorset Police are welcoming applications for the role of Regional Video and Audio Examiner based at Police Headquarters, Winfrith, Dorset.

About the role:

To provide a Multimedia Forensic Service to the South West Regional Forces.

To recover, edit, redact, preserve, analyse, enhance and report upon multi-media CCTV evidence (digital and analogue) taken or seized from crime scenes, for the investigative and judicial process to evidential standards. To attend crime scenes to recover CCTV evidence and associated equipment.  Install alternative replacement equipment at scenes where required providing enhanced editing and presentation of CCTV evidence for court.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Accreditation to ISO:17025 Working in an ISO (International Organisation for Standards) environment - No 17025, be responsible for writing and maintaining Technical SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) to meet ISO standards including planning, problem solving, testing and implementing validation processes (software and hardware), to validate technical processes in line with the international quality standards.  Present verifiable evidential reports. Review own work and conduct regional dip sampling of examination processes to ensure Quality Assurance (QA) and competence of results.
  • Electronic presentation of Evidence (EPE) and    decision making The Examiner has responsibility for reviewing the multimedia and case information and make decision how to present the evidence in the best format for Criminal Justice System (CJS). To consult/advise the OIC/CJS and devise a strategy to incorporate evidential assets gathered during the investigative process to produce complex EPE packages for court. Interrogate and problem solve evidence to ascertain best quality, relevance and evidential value to the investigation. Provide a quality/unbiased presentation package to support victims of crime.
  • Editing, Redaction and Annotation of Multimedia Evidence To take responsibility to accurately edit, redact and annotate multimedia evidence and transcribed witness interviews. To track an offence or remove sensitive information/Indecent Images of Children (IIOC). To handle, disseminate and maintain personal, sensitive, and classified material in line with GDPR and Joint Disclosure Principles 2021. Ensure data sent externally is categorised and encrypted.

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If you think this may be the role for you and would like further information, please contact: 

Hiring Line Manager: Dave Bendell - Regional Forensic Video and Audio Manager. Email Address: