Police Officer Re-joiner Patrol

Job Description

You can apply to re-join at any time. There is no need to wait until there is an active recruitment campaign. You will apply to return to either Patrol or Investigations.

There is no time limit as to when you can return and you may apply to return at a different rank to the one which you left at.


To re-join as a police officer, you must:

  • have worked for Avon and Somerset Police or another police force as a Police Officer
  • have previously completed your probationary period
  • live within the boundaries of the Avon and Somerset policing area by the time you begin the process of returning to service with us


Application process

  • You must complete the application in full via our applicant portal below.
  • If you did not serve with Avon and Somerset Police then you will be required to upload the following: Copies of your last PDRs (personal development records), a print out of your sickness record covering at least the last 2 years of service from your Force HR records – please note that your full sickness record will be assessed as part of the selection process, and print outs of your complaints and misconduct record and any awards and commendations from your personnel record. 
  • Once we have received your application form, we will consider current and anticipated vacancies, and contact you to advise on recruitment timelines.
  • An interview will be arranged with a representative from either Patrol or Investigations along with a representative from HR. Your reason for leaving and returning will be discussed.
  • Throughout the process we will assess your suitability to join through the re-joiner route and where a training needs analysis highlights further development prior to re-joining, you will be invited to apply via one of our initial learning programmes.
  • A Fitness test, medical review, and biometrics testing will be conducted along with Professional Standards checks and security vetting. We will also request references including a HR reference from your previous Force.
  • On successful completion of the recruitment checks we will look to place you on the next available re-joiner course. Please be advised that the process from applying to start date can take approximately 6 months.

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